Techno Aesthetic Vol. 4 :: Robert Fohrenbach :: Beatport

Techno Aesthetic Vol. 4
1. The Tresor Track (Original Mix) - Mike Huckaby ; Superb dub atmosphere and stereo image/panning in this tribute to the iconicĀ Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL)

2. A Particular Moment (Original Mix) - Electric Rescue ; Simply addicting

3. Collect (Original Mix) - SQL ; Layered percussion influences from house music, crowd-pleaser

4. A (Original Mix) - Jon Gurd, Alan Fitzpatrick ; From the ‘Untitled’ EP, Jon Gurd has brought along heavyweight producer and DJ Alan Fitzpatrick for this tune called ‘A’. A clear nod to an earlier era of techno, it even has the fuzziness and saturation of vinyl or tape. Still very fresh and a dance-floor bomb.

5. Frolic (Original Mix) - Cari Lekebusch ; best described by the producer himself, “understated but high impact”

6. Don’t Let Me Fall (Thomas Schumacher Remix) - Fran Von Vie ; An electronic landscape of a remix from a producer with an extensive two decade discography. Also because I follow almost every release put out by Suara

7. Panacea (Original Mix) - NHB, Giorgio Rusconi ; NHB is a duo quickly getting big with their quality techno productions. Can satisfy the underground and the big clubs

8. Tribe (NHB Remix) - Sin Sin ; Another NHB release, this is probably my favorite song of this chart. I found Sin Sin through Metro Theme (which is amazing and was featured on a previous Techno Aesthetic) and this remix by NHB is amazing. One of those percussion noises sound like a billiard ball being hit so I’m really curious to what it actually is (or if I’m right). A song that you can dance to for its entire duration despite it’s lack of melody or vocals. Just pure techno that’s been polished perfectly to transport you on your journey.

9. Triangle (Andrea Giuliani & Luca Rossetti Remix) - Minitronik ; head-down, eerie minimal. Well crafted elements and groove help it stand out in the sea of currently trendy but indistinguishable and unexciting minimal (minimal is one of the hardest genres to stand out in!)

10. Glabord (Original Mix) - Johnny Aemkel ; Another minimal song so the other one doesn’t get lonely. The bassline is the powerful engine behind this. This is part of a two song EP that was the first release on the Cavern label. The releases on that label are sonic representations of shadows and outcasts. Cavern is a great name for the label because that’s exactly what it sounds like (if caverns made techno). Glabord is another standout of this chart… gets that underground vibe in two definitions of the word

Our view for PULSE Live! 2014 in Studio 1. Awesome event!

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Our view for PULSE Live! 2014 in Studio 1. Awesome event!

@pioneerdj_gear #cdj2000 #djm900nexus #rmx1000 #pioneerdj #dj #rpi #empac #gmweek #rpigmweek #pulse #techno #house #electro #troyny #djforlife #hashtags #gigsongigs

To include more transition noises, fx, automation, and that robot lead from my original draft. Probably gonna be between 6 and 10 minutes long

Also the beginning sounds A LOT like Animals with that ride and pulsing synth thing but that’s just a coincidence. Or maybe a subconscious influence

The thrash guitar and bass sound so good I just put them in the middle of a trance song. They’re presets from Cycle ( http://www.amaranthaudio.com/products/cycle/ ) which is a crazy synthesizer to say the least

137 BPM





Third techno chart up now on Beatport
1. Against The Wall (Original Mix) - Function ; Function is amazing at crafting hypnotic, futurist ambience and texture. Released on the famous Berghain’s Ostgut Ton label. The sound of Berghain flows through this entire chart and is definitely my biggest current influence in this type of techno.

2. Red Tape (Original Mix) - Marco Bailey, Nick Muir, John Digweed ; John Digweed and Nick Muir team up with Marco Bailey for this techno groove. The bassline is the standout here in how it ties everything together. John Digweed’s influence on electronic music is obvious and well documented, and this tune shows how they are adapting to trends in the club.

3. Lovecraft (Original Mix) - Adam Beyer, Ida Engberg ; Adam Beyer’s seminal Drumcode sounds never disappoint. Melody with a psychedelic tinge in this collab with fellow Swede talent Ida Engberg.

4. Don’t Think (Original Mix) - Julian Jeweil ; Dark perfection. It’s like you’re getting hunted by a monster in a video game or movie.

5. Crash (Original Mix) - Pfirter ; Pfirter’s MindTrip sound is pure, analog, psychedelic

6. Rathouse (Original Mix) - Marco Bailey, Filterheadz ; Marco Bailey shows up again. This might be my favorite of this entire set, awesome percussive groove.

7. Taurus (Original Mix) - Hugo Bianco ; Current #1 on the techno charts. Minimal, well-sculpted elements

8. Slit (Original Mix) - James Ruskin ; Big 4 to the floor techno with bits of evolving noise, IDM, and plucky things.

9. My Reaction (Vox Mix) - Jewel Kid ; Suara is definitely one of my favorite current labels, equally good at house and techno and usually morphs them together effortlessly. The effect of the vocal is kind of like “SELFIE” but for the tech crowd.

10. Math Grenades (Original Mix) - Sian ; Bouncy bass and gentle dub chords. Self described on the Math Grenades EP as “Adhering more to the avant-garde side of club culture, his tracks show an otherworldly, slow and hypnotic slant on big speaker electronic music.” I don’t know what a math grenade is and describing music like this is definitely a challenge. I’m surprised I actually wrote these descriptions because I’m all about shutting up and letting the music communicate for itself.

So yeah. I don’t know how to conclude this. Listen at home, play em out, scare your friends..



Mass Digital - Room 69 (Fohrenbach Remix)

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What’s Hot in 2013 - Hip Hop

Dinner & Couples Dance - Last night DJing for FIJI fall formal at Birch Hill

Dinner & Couples Dance - Last night DJing for FIJI fall formal at Birch Hill

Adventure out on soundcloud! #techhouse #deephouse #house #techno #newrelease #electronic #edm #reverb #delay #flstudio #whatfordownturn #adventure #krkrokit5

Adventure out on soundcloud! #techhouse #deephouse #house #techno #newrelease #electronic #edm #reverb #delay #flstudio #whatfordownturn #adventure #krkrokit5

#deephouse #house #remix #remixnuevadeep #didntmakethefinals

Never forget where you came from

Never forget where you came from